A Fool’s Gold Christmas- Susan Mallery

Oh goodness what is not to like. The Strikers are back in a first time ever for Susan Mallery hardcover Fool’s Gold Christmas book. This book features the brooding Dante Jefferson and haunted Evie Stryker. They have been a favorite of mine from the other books(mostly Dante) and I just knew these two would end up together some day. This is a great book to add to any book library and everyone should check it out. Buy it at http://www.amazon.com/Fools-Gold-Christmas-Susan-Mallery/dp/0373777027 you can check out her website at www.susanmallery.com You will not be disappointed.



Wanted: Mistress and Mother- Carol Marinelli

I do not know how many different ways I can say DO NOT BUT THIS BOOK. Luckily for me it was in the back of another book that was great so I didn’t actually waste my money. The heroine simply put is a whiner. I swear to God she spends more time crying(over nothing) in the book than talking. This book is set in Australia and the hero is Italian. Are all foreign books like this? No wonder I don’t ever read them. This is the synopsis : Hero has a 2 yr old with emotional problems due to her being involved in a car accident that killed her mother. The heroine aka the crier is a garden designer that gets hired to build a soothing garden for the child by the in-laws. They have sex once, he is emotionally unavailable, he runs away back to Rome, she solves the daughters emotional problems and they get married. Woo-hoo. Thank God it’s over. I honestly wouldn’t have even read past the third page if it had not been for this blog. Happy Reading! BGQ

Featured Author: Maya Banks

5 Gold Stars for Maya Banks. I absolutely adore her. I don’t know a lot about her personally but I know she is a damn good author. I discovered her earlier this year and boy am I glad I did. She has several series out that are simply amazing. Don’t ask me to choose the best series because I can’t.  There is the Sweet Series(erotic), the KGI Series(military family) the McCabe Series(Scottish historical) and several more. If you have never read a Maya Banks book please please take the time to get a copy today. I promise you will not be disappointed.  Visit her website at http://mayabanks.com

Kidnapping The Laird- Terri Brisbin

By nature I am not a fan of novellas. I downloaded this at no cost from Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/8c5sve3 Catriona MacDonnell is my kind of heroine. She goes after what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. Forced to marry Padruig Grant she decides after one night that she doesn’t want him in her bed. He, being a man and all(no I am not a man basher) decides to take a lover right under her nose. At least he didn’t try to hide it right? Catriona, being a woman and all changes her mind and decides she wants her man in her bed and her bed only. With the help of his brothers she sets out to kidnap her husband and hold him hostage. I guess you can guess the ending huh? All in all a good read if you like them short. This was my first read by Terri Brisbin and I am sure I will be a returning reader. For a list of her other books please visit her website at  http://terribrisbin.comImage


Ebook vs Actual Book

I find myself facing this topic on a pretty regular basis. I think it all comes down to personal choices and economics. I personally prefer an actual book. I like to hold it in my hands and I like the smell. I like my options with a book. I can loan it out, sell it, trade it in or save it. I like those options for several reasons. I am what one might call a book whore. I can read about 3 books a day easy. For me that means reading is not only pleasurable but expensive. That adds up to about $25 a day if I buy retail. My husband loves me but seriously he would kill me. So I rely heavily on my local used bookstore.  They have a great trade in program that saves me a ton of money. However I do buy brand new if it is one of my must have Authors. Now in to ebooks. If it is free I will download it. No sense lying about it. But I can’t trade it or sell it.  I only use an app for them not an ereader so maybe it is different for some of you. Also if you live in an area that does not have a bookstore I could see the value. But that in itself should be a crime ;). Like I said it all comes down to personal choices and economics.  Happy Reading!


My First Blog

Today October 2, 2012 is my first official day of blogging. Honestly I have no idea what I am doing. I am really hoping to get into book reviewing as a career and thought I would start this way first, Most of my reviews will be of Romance, Romantic Suspense etc. I think it only fair as that is my genres of choice. Maybe soon I can get into other genres if I open my mind, but I make no promises. My 16 yr old is an avid reader as well. Most likely I will be asking him to do book reviews as well in his genre of choice of course. I look forwarding to this exciting new adventure and would welcome any feedback anyone would like to give. Happy Reading and Happy Blogging.